6 Wholesome Youtubers Who Are Unbelievably Underrated

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Being a YouTuber isn’t just a hobby these days, it’s become a full time commitment to some where anything less than 1 million subscribers means you haven’t made it yet. Over at the artsy side of things, yeah, we’ve got Marzia and Dodie who’re well-known names, but there’s an entire community of aspiring creators who deserve a lil’ more recognition for their hustle. Here are six individuals whose videos stand out for their super aesthetic and pure content.


Vocal and effervescent, Kristine’s videos revolve around the ‘yu’ in her channel name, a.k.a. ‘you’, the people. With her self-improvement series such as #nuju, #loveyu, #findyu, and #beyu, Kristine aims to connect with her audience by helping them be the best selves they can be – through dishin’ out her tips and advice on this thing called Life.

conan gray

Conan’s a small town Texas boy, who also happens to be an ambitious musician. His dreamy vids take on an oddly nostalgic and sentimental feel given his young age – as if we’re witnessing these remarkably fleeting yet poignant moments unfold. Conan shares his thoughts, vulnerabilities, and dreams with the internet in cosy, chit-chatty Art-Tea sessions and remains unabashedly himself in this sometimes unforgiving world.

cat creature 

My fav gal, Annabelle’s an extremely talented artist who’s currently enrolling at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Amidst her hectic schedule, she still manages to create these gorgeous introspective videos that offer us a glimpse into her day-to-day life. Although simple and understated, they feel honest and sincere – her eye for detail reminding us to appreciate the little things just a lil’ bit more.

savannah brown 

Slightly awkward but firm in her convictions nevertheless, Sav’s a self-published author of a collection of poetry called Graffiti (and other poems) and is currently working on her first novel. Not just one with pretty imageries and metaphors, her powerful words will really shake you up.

Or as her bio states, “I’m also really scared of death, which means I end up writing about it a lot. I just want to make people feel things.”

bertie gilbert

An actual legit filmmaker, Bertie has been churning out YouTube videos since the age of 14 (he’s 20 now), through which we’ve witnessed his progressively mature and sardonic side. Working with a team of like-minded creatives, his artsy films are usually open-ended and up for interpretations. Bertie really knows his cinematography and it shows in his visuals, where his carefully constructed colour schemes have been compared to that of Wes Anderson’s.

Even his ‘casual vlogs’ seem like mini works of art like ???

garrett watts

With this fellow Hufflepuff, it feels like you’re witnessing a hyperactive cartoon character in real life. Garrett’s always up to the most random antics like covering an entire wall with Doritos or eating actual trash. However, he makes up for these questionable life choices with his endearing personality and you can’t help but cheer him on. You’re doing great, sweetie.