If You Smoke, Vape or Drink Alcohol At Selangor Playgrounds & Parks, You Will Be Fined RM1,000

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source: Tripify

Some people are probably used to lepak-ing with friends at parks and playgrounds when they have run out of options (or money) on cafes and restaurants. These ‘picnics’ might involve stuff that people usually do at F&B outlets like smoking cigarettes, vaping or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Well, say goodbye to that Selangor folks!

Selangor has announced an effective immediate ban on smoking, vaping and drinking at playgrounds and recreational parks. State Local Government, Public Transport and New Village Development Committee chairman, Ng Sze Han, stated that the authorities will be monitoring these areas to ensure nobody is breaking the law.

source: Astro Awani

Anyone caught lighting up, blowing Os or cracking open a cold one will be fined RM1,000 for these activities which are now prohibited and included in the list of offences. He also added,

“For the comfort and health of visitors, in particular children and senior citizens, to carry out activities especially post-Covid-19, it is time for us to ban drinking and smoking at playgrounds and recreational parks. The public is encouraged to be the eyes and ears of the local authorities and report on any offenders.”

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