If the “Public are Not Allowed to Picnic at KLCC Park” – Then What’s the Point?

(source: JomJalan)

Let’s settle this once and for all–to picnic or not to picnic at the KLCC Park? Wait, are we even allowed to do it? It seems like most netizens find it confusing as the rule was never made clear and most stories just come from others who said security did not let them. Even if you walked around the park, you won’t see a “No Picnic” sign displayed anywhere. So it must mean we can picnic, right?

A Twitter user @Jaycvevo, shared his unpleasant experience at KLCC park claiming that he and his friends were victims of misconduct by the park’s security. He emailed KLCC management hoping to clear the air and KLCC were quick to reply, but things just went south after that..


After further investigation, the management said that they weren’t in any wrong and ended the email by saying, “FYI public are not allowed to picnic in KLCC Park”. Um.. a bit harsh but okay. Also, we can’t stop cackling over the “sent over Huawei phone”.


One could speculate that with Malaysians being Malaysians, KLCC’s management might have wanted to keep the park clean by straight-up BANNING all forms of picnic on its premise. However, shouldn’t they enforce anti-littering laws by giving heavier fines or just keeping on eye on park’s occupants?

Some netizens said that they couldn’t even hang out there for too long without being harassed by security. That’s kind of weird considering it is a park, where people are suppose to enjoy some recreational time. So what is the point of this green lung in the heart of the city? There’s no way it can counter the pollution expelled by all the vehicles alone. Then is it simply for KLCC’s aesthetics?

This led to @Jaycvevo taking it upon himself to set up a petition to make KLCC park picnic-friendly.


We tried reaching out to KLCC’s management team for their side of the story, but no reply was given.

What do you think? Should KLCC park be picnic-friendly or are Malaysians too prone-to-litter to enjoy it? Let us know in the comments…

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