A University in Malaysia is Using ‘Scientific’ Methods to Detect Djinns

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source: Berita Harian

Now, you can actually check yourself to see if ada jin dalam badan or not…

As reported by Berita Harian, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) is now conducting scientific research to detect djinns in the human body, using an electronic device that is said to be able to detect the supernatural aura of djinns.

The study to track djinns has been carried out by seven researchers from the university, led by Associate Professor Dr Yohan Kur Niawan, since two years ago.

Originally from Indonesia, Yohan said the research is made using an electronic device to detect aura in the human body. The device was bought in the USA for RM15,000.

He said ten respondents who have saka or supernatural beings in their bodies were involved in the research to detect changes in the body’s electrons after they have received Islamic treatments such as listening to al-Fatihah, Ruqyah (recited formulas used in Islamic exorcism) and Islamic traditional music.

source: The Independent

“This tool is one scientific method to prove the existence of djinn in the human body through the changes of electricity flow, as the creature was created from fire based on the Quran,” said Professor Dr Yohan. “The human body has seven auras ranging from head to toe. Each aura has a different electrical energy that can be detected through the equipment,” he added.

“Based on the study, there are three auras that are often influenced by the presence of a djinn in the head, neck and chest. If one of the aura is red based on the software that is connected from electronic equipment to the computer, this is probably the djinn,” he told Berita Harian.

source: Intent Blog

He also said that the red aura doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of djinns since the energy in the body is constantly changing if a person is stressed, tired, angry or sad.

“At first, the respondents would be left alone to calm down for a few minutes before their hands were placed on the equipment to detect the electric current in the body. This test will be conducted several times and if the red aura consistently shows up every time the respondent is hearing al-Fatihah, Ruqyah or traditional music, it is likely the djinn exists in the patient,” he said, conducting the study under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) Ministry of Education.

However, Yohan said the research is still in its early stages and accuracy ranges from 80 to 90 percent–which is comforting to know, ’cause if a person is showing signs of mental illness, then according to this machine/method there’s a good chance it’s not the crippling disease we hear about in the news but just a djinn up to no good. Hmph.

With that being said, the research still needs about two years to be completed and to collect data on respiratory, electromagnetic waves and pulse rates from respondents involved.

source: Chronically Ridiculous

“This study is expected to be a contributor to alternative medicine for patients with mysterious illnesses, because there are people who claim to be sick because of djinns, but they’re actually not. In fact, there are illnesses that causes patients to act weird but it’s not because of the djinn,” explained Yohan.

“We want to help in terms of information accuracy before any treatment is being conducted to avoid mistreatment,” he said.

Noting that studies like these are underdeveloped, and Western researchers and modern scientists have openly and repeatedly stated that “djinns don’t exist(!)” and that everything that happens is due to “low frequency illusion” that affects the brain; Yohan still wants to prove that the supernatural beings are present and actively possessing people, and he intends to do this ironically, through science.

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