Iconic Shah Alam Stadium To Be Teared Down And Replaced With New Sports Facility & Hotel

‘New Shah Alam Stadium not just for sports, but a holistic venue for all’
Source: The Vibes

The Shah Alam Stadium has housed many football matches, but its time for a new era to begin. It will soon be demolished to make way for an entirely new state-of-the-art facility.

The dates of the demolition of both the Shah Alam Stadium and Malawati Indoor Stadium and rebuilding of the over 200 acre complex have not yet been announced.

Maintaining the aesthetic and façade of the current structure in the design for the new Shah Alam Stadium is a great concept and idea, according to Selangor FC chief executive officer Johan Kamal Hamidon. – The Vibes file pic, October 3, 2022
Source: The Vibes

In an interview with The Vibes, Johan said the state government is on the right track to redevelop the stadium into more than just a sporting venue.

“It is a great concept by the Selangor menteri besar to make the new complex a more all-round facility that is more than just for football, but for members of the community to come together.

“I think a more appropriate term to use for it is not a stadium but a venue,” he said of the project that was unveiled on Friday.

However, it w0uldn’t be completely gone. Some design influences from the stadium will be carried forward into the facility as well.

Johan said that he was to maintain the aesthetic and concept of the current stadium design while adapting to a modern structure to make it more relevant to current times.

“The iconic arch design means a lot to the people of Selangor and the football club fans as well. I am happy to see its influence shown in the new design.”

Source: FMT

Recently, MBI CEO Norita Mohd Sidek said the new Shah Alam Sports Complex will not only include a state-of-the-art stadium, but also feature recreational facilities focused on the people of Selangor.

She had also said that the sports complex is meant to be an economic generator with commercial opportunities to help provide revenue to maintain the facility.

The design for the planned refurbishment of Shah Alam stadium and the construction of a sports complex, will be made public next week, a Selangor state government official said today.

A hotel, an indoor stadium as well as public parks are being proposed as part of the sports complex, on an 80-hectare site, according to the developer.