“I Loved That Dog So Much, I Ate It”: Man Adopts Dog From Volunteer Just To Slaughter And Consume It

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Dog Meat Trade - Humane Society International
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Though cruel and gruesome, it is legal in some countries in Asia to consume dog meat. As of 2022, the consumption of dog meat is said to be most common in China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Nagaland region in India.

Two days ago, a TikTok user (@genkinchan) posted a video of a woman confronting a man about slaughtering and eating a dog he had recently adopted from her.

@genkinchan Chinese Man admits to Malaysian volunteer worker that he ate the dog he adopted from her#newstrendingmalaysia#malaysia#xyzbca#newsattiktok#beritatiktok#worldofbuzz#fyp ♬ original sound – I’m not Kenny

She started off by asking him if he gave the dog to someone else, or if it has already been slaughtered. The man admitted that he gave the poor pup to a Myanmarese to slaughter it.

The woman, who is apparently a volunteer worker, then questioned him why he wouldn’t just return the dog to her if he was just going to send it to its grave.

She also pushed on about how if she knew that this was going to happen, she wouldn’t have let him adopt it in the first place. The man, who made several attempts to ward her off, kept urging her to leave his place of business and that there is nothing more she can do about it.

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She then asked him if he knew that it was wrong to consume dog meat in Malaysia, to which he answered, “As long as the back faces the sky, and it has four legs, Guangxi (a province in China) people deem it perfectly fine to consume.”

The woman was enraged and told him that she did not sell the dog to him for the purposes of it being slaughtered and eaten. He rebutted, “You gave me the dog, I can do whatever I want with it.”

Yulin dog meat festival begins in China amid widespread criticism - BBC News
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He also said that he mentioned from the start that he wanted to eat the dog, to which she doesn’t agree with. He also said, “I loved that dog so much that I ate it,” with a light chuckle.

The video ended with him confirming that she would never see the dog again.

The TikTok has since gained over 254k views, filled with angered netizens in the comments section.

Though horrific and unacceptable, there is upsettingly no law in Malaysia that goes against consuming dog and cat meat. But that doesn’t excuse the cruel behaviour that this man exhibited.

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