How To: Survive Post-Festival Depression

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Good Vibes weekend has unfortunately come to a close and we’re already feeling a little blue that we have to go back to our mundane lives.

Music festivals are one of the biggest social events of the year, bringing all types of people who love the same music together in one setting to really jam out and sing at the top of your lungs with no judgement. The festival is more than just music (although that’s a huge chunk of it), it’s the atmosphere, the feeling of camaraderie amongst the people around you who love the same artiste. So if you’re looking for a way to try and beat the back to work/school, post-GVF blues, keep reading..

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Don’t know if you have a case of Post-Festival Depression? Here are some symptoms:

1. Stubbornly keeping your wristband on for as long as you can
Ah yes, the infamous wristband. A subtle but also obvious statement to everyone around you that “yes, I went to Good Vibes Festival this year and yes, it was amazing.” The symbol of an amazing weekend free from responsibilities, to cut it off would truly mean that you have accepted that the most anticipated festival of the year is over. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too.

2. Listening to the Good Vibes Playlist on Spotify. Non-stop.
If you’re like me, one of the best ways to relive the whole experience is listen to the songs over and over again. Also, it’s an amazing way to introduce yourself to some of the acts that you missed during the festival ’cause you were either queuing up to use the potters or passed out behind them. Who knows, you might find a new artiste that will make you want to go to next year’s festival (if you aren’t already planning to).

3. Prolonging the Good Vibes ‘gram posts throughout the rest of the month. 
How else can we let everyone know that we went to Good Vibes? As if you hadn’t posted about it all weekend long (we know you brought a powerbank); by prolonging your GVF Instagram posts for the rest of the month you’re keeping the spirit of the fest alive! Make sure to hashtag #Toyotagvf2018 #GVF2018 and maybe we’ll like some of your photos. Whilst you’re at it, you might as well follow us on Instagram too @juicemy

4. Watching every single video you took during GVF weekend and crying a lil. 
Don’t even lie and say that you didn’t take at least a thousand photos and videos during the span of the weekend. Using the videos as a way to relive the weekend but crying because “it’s not the same!”..? Yeah, we get you.

5. Lack of interest in everything not festival-related.
They changed the government again? Who cares? When’s Coachella coming here?

6. Always wearing the awesome festival merch you copped.
Yes.. all the time. Wear it to work (if you can). Wear it to brunch. Wear it to the grocery store. Wear it to sleep. You’re wearing it everywhere!

7. Irresistible urge to find an excuse to wear your GVF fit in any occasion.

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Looking at this list of symptoms and thinking “yep, that’s totally me right now”? Not to worry, here are some ways to ease the short term pain:

1. Reminisce with fellow friends and festival goers
Go meet your friends, take a drive and listen to the GVF playlist. Have brunch and relive your favourite memories along side some tea. Sure it isn’t exactly the same, but it’s close and better than nothing.

2. Curate your own Good Vibes 2018 playlist
Well, it’s probably known that not all of your favourite tracks from your top artistes at the festival will be featured on the Spotify curated playlist. So what’s the solution? Curate your own of course! Not only will you be able to capture your perfect GVF2018 playlist that you can cherish for years to come, but it will be a therapeutic way to ease the post-festival blues. Already curated your own? Share them with us in the comments!

3. Spread the love for the music and festival
You know what they say, “the more the merrier.” So why not share your love for your favourite artistes, music and the memorable weekend with those who didn’t get to experience it with you? Who knows, you might entice someone to join you next year.

4. Look forward to next year 
If anything, don’t fret, this should at least hype you up for next year’s festival!

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In the end, be happy that you got to experience a weekend full of excitement, adventure and amazing music with phenomenal local acts and international headliners. The weekend was full of good vibes indeed (pun intended).

Did you go to Good Vibes Festival this year? If so, tell us your favourite memory in the comments!