How to Impress Your Date with RM20 on Valentine’s Day


Attention all cheapskates! This is your chance to get a head start in planning out the perfect Valentine’s date at a very low price. For some couples out there, V-day seems like a day where your bae will be expecting $ome extra TLC, and that puts their lovers off. But it doesn’t always have to be that way, if you don’t tell her how much it cost. It all comes down to how well you execute your plan.

All you need to do is mentally squeeze your creative juices, or just follow these V-date ideas that will surely make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel like they’re the luckiest being in the world.

1. Indoor Movie Date


Instead of bringing your boo to the movies, how about bringing the movies to your boo? All you need is your phone, a shoe box and a magnifying glass. Try doing a short presentation or video of your compiled moments with your loved one and you can enjoy the ‘story of us’ all night long. This will definitely get your bae all mushy on the inside. Don’t forget to decorate your space with comfortable pillows (min. 10 pillows) and blankets, with a scatter of scented candles (placed safely on flat surface and away from edges). Oh, and scatter roses for the extra touch. You’ll have to splurge a bit if you want that American Beauty effect.

Damage (to your wallet):

Handheld Magnifying Glass: Lazada (RM18.10)

Shoebox: Free

Check out the Tutorial below!

2. A Romantic Kampung/Mamak-style dinner


Okay, we can safely say that the way to your lover’s heart is through their stomach. The whole selling point of this dinner is not actually the food itself, as I mentioned earlier, it’s all in the execution. You can buy his/her fave mamak food from any mamak shop nearby and plate it nicely onto a plain white dish.


Then, you’re going to need candles, a lot of them! Candles are always related to romance. Scatter them around your room, and don’t forget to spray your perfume around too! For girls, scented perfume on men would really get our blood flowing. The smell of your loved one is always a bonus, and you won’t have to worry bout the smell wearing off – it’s only for the night! Add some romantic music (eg.: ‘Best Part’ by Daniel Caeser ft. H.E.R) whilst you’re at it. Lastly, have their eyes covered as they walk in. You’ll thank me later…


  • 10 pieces of candles – Lazada (RM10.50)
  • Mamak food – RM10 max

3. Watch The Sunset And Enjoy Satay Kajang At The Beach


Pick any beach that you feel offers the best view of the sunset, and order the infamous satay kajang (if you’re around the area) or if you’re not, any good satay places you know will do. Either with a Myvi or your own pick up truck, set up a cute picnic area – at the trunk (for pick up trucks only) – filled with pillows and a lantern to add that romantic glow during your date. And that’s it! Enjoy the view, and each other’s company with satay whilst watching the sunset!



Satay – RM2/stick (max)

Beach – Free

4. Use Your Bodies To Make Art

(source: Pinterest)

Okay, before your dirty minds get to wondering, what I mean by this is simply getting paint and enjoying painting on each other. It may seem like the most awkward thing at first, but if it’s done right, you’d really love the hot mess. Get a space that you wouldn’t mind getting paint all over and use the game Twister for some basic rules to start off your bodily artworks. Play some good background music to help with the mood. The mood setting is all up to you 😉

Check out the video for some inspo:


Tempera Paste Instant Water Colour 440ml- Rm9.8/bottle (red/blue/yellow/white)

Ok for this, you might need to go a little bit over the said budget, because it would be a little more exciting if you had more colours.

5. Go On A Hike


Not everyone will enjoy this, ’cause let’s admit it, some of us could barely find the motivation to get up and go for a quick run. Hiking, despite its sticky and sweaty down sides, is a great activity for couples. Climbing up together and enjoying the views of nature and breathing in that very necessary fresh air will do you both good.

It’s not only free, but the journey up the hill is worthwhile, because you learn a lot about each other’s patience (and their tolerance to bugs). Just remember to wear proper gear and bear in mind the rules and regulations of the hill set by the park.


Remember, at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the ONLY day that you treat your loved ones extra sweet. It should be consistent, and if you really cared for someone, putting the effort to make them happy just by these small little things will go a long way. Even if you don’t have a date, you could always try out these cheap date ideas with your best friend(s)! It’s all about the love and appreciation, ya’ll!