What If Miniatures Lived Among Us?

In a world that grows ever more fast, chaotic, and bombarded with imagery, artworks in small scales allow us a place to retreat. There’s an undeniable appeal to that which has been sized down and shrunken to a fraction of its normal size. Also, it feels like you’re viewing in a God’s eye perspective.

Maybe that’s why we love looking at tiny things? If obsession with miniatures should teach us anything, it’s that smaller is simpler, and that tiny makes us feel powerful.

Péter Csákvári from Hungary created his own ‘Tiny Wasteland’ by placing miniature figures next to everyday objects so as to create the illusion of microscopic worlds. This project was done in 2 years! What could be better than a pineapple mountain or a giant marshmallow?

While some of the scenes depict casual daily activities, others take a deep look at heavy issues (at least that’s what JUICE think). Take a look at his project down below and let it satisfy your every tiny-urge:

1. Lake Sink

2. Honey! I went grocery shopping!

3. This job is nuts..

4. Tapped the keg

5. Another day, another brush harvest?

6. Marshmellow Fields Forever

6. This is pure happiness tbh

7. Mount Pineapple

8. Swimming with the fishes

9. Santa after duty

10. What’s for dinner today?

11. Casually golfing on a prawn

12. Nutting is important

13. Cap it off with Coke

14. Meat is Murder

15. Smoking leads you to death, literally

Find more images on his website, here.