“How Is This App Free?” Well… Twitter Will Now Start Charging Money For Exclusive New Features

Twitter Blue subscription service coming for 269? What is Twitter Blue? Features explained

For any avid user of Twitter, we’re all aware that the bird app is a hellhole for vehement debates on politics, pop culture and everything in between whilst being the main dumping ground for memes and controversies.

Despite how messy it can get, we still had a warm fondness towards the app regardless and the fact that it was free was the cherry on top of an already enjoyable treat.

Well, it seems like all the “How can this app be free?” tweets followed by laughing emojis has caught onto Twitter’s developers since they’ve decided to start charging for exclusive new features.

What Is Jack Dorsey's Beard Hiding? | Vanity Fair
No, he’s not a warlock. He’s Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (source: Vanity Fair)

As of right now, Twitter Blue is a brand new initiative for power users of the app who are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for several new features. Currently, it has only been rolled out in Canada and Australia for $3.49 (RM11.88) and $4.49 (RM14.21) in local currencies respectively.

Twitter confirms its new $2.99 'Twitter Blue' Subscription Service on its iOS App Listings, but refuses to comment further / Digital Information World
source: Digital Information World

While there is no word on whether or not Twitter Blue will arrive in Malaysia, it’s helpful to know just exactly we might be missing out on. The list of exclusive features include:

  • Undo Tweet: Allows users to set up a timer of up to 30-seconds in case they want to take back a tweet. Nope, this is not an Edit tool because Twitter is hectic enough and we don’t need people changing their sentences and causing more havoc.
  • Bookmark Folders: Allows users to organise tweets they have saved. So now we can finally compartmentalise those cooking recipes from our *ahem* NSFW stuff.
  • Reader Mode: Allows users to read long threads comfortably. No more going cross-eyed from reading all those convoluted exposé threads.
  • Colour themes & Twitter icon customisation: If you’re feeling fancy, you can now redecorate your Twitter space.
  • Dedicated customer support

So, there you have it. As a Twitter user myself, I’m pretty satisfied with how it is mostly because I don’t see myself spending money to shitpost online but to each their own.

Maybe Twitter Blue might prove itself to be worth the coin!