Twitter Explodes After Explicit Old Tweets From A Personal Account Bought By MCMC Resurfaces

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Yesterday, as a response to the overwhelming slew of backlash from internet users in the wake of the state of emergency announcement, MCMC released a statement on Twitter, pleading users to mind their words and remain courteous online.

In the statement, they emphasised that they’ll be doing strict monitoring to ensure that no users are publishing defamatory statements involving the three Rs which are Royalty, Religion and Race.

Additionally, those found guilty of making such statements will be penalised under Section 233 under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998. Offenders will be fined RM50,000, be imprisoned for a year or both.

Here it is in full:

Under duress, some Malaysians found this statement incendiary especially during such a tumultuous time with the sudden state of emergency announcement and the ever-rising Covid-19 case numbers.

With that, Twitter users pulled an Uno reverse card on the government body and began digging up the MCMC account’s old tweets, which just so happens to be from a previous user who used the platform for personal tweets.

What they dug up was far from courteous as the previous user tweeted multiple racial slurs and vulgarities.

Here are a few examples to illustrate just how bad it is:

As of right now, the MCMC Twitter account has been promptly deleted after going viral for the bizarre tweets that resurfaced.

Naturally, netizens were having a field day trolling the account, making memes and even screenshotting for future use. Most notably, netizens were oddly invested in the previous user’s love triangle story which has spurred many reaction memes.

Check it out:

After the sudden boom of the MCMC tweets, JUICE reached out to the original owner of the account who now goes by @NazruiHakim. In our chat, he revealed to me how he felt about the entire situation.

Here’s the scoop on how this incident came to be…

The account personally belonged to him and it had reached over 50k followers. With such a massive following, many sought to buy the account from him and being a 15/16 year-old student, he didn’t quite understand the gravity of the situation.

Not putting much thought into it, he sold the account for RM1,300 to another user called @SaidOsem (whom he believes passed the account over to MCMC). As years went by, he was aware that his old account now belonged to MCMC. However, he was obviously unprepared for netizens to dig up his past tweets.

When I asked how he felt about the situation, he revealed that he was understandably shocked. Never in his life did he expect such an event to take place and for hundreds of thousands of Malaysians to pay attention to his past musings.

He also added that the situation also made him deeply uncomfortable. When netizens brought up his failed romances and drama with friends, he began to feel stressed. In our chat, he told me that while others are able to handle the jokes, some can’t and that someone’s personal relationships should not become the butt of a joke.

Another important thing to note was Nazrui’s usage of the K slur and the N word. For that, he sincerely apologised, citing his young age and immaturity as the causes for his reckless usage of the words.

As a parting message, Nazrui hopes that netizens will stop spreading screenshots of his past tweets for he wishes to grow from them and not be reminded of his past.

MCMC addresses over 11,000 complaints within first six months this year

The glaring element of this story is MCMC’s lack of awareness as an internet regulator.

It’s baffling how MCMC, a government body that is in charge of monitoring our use of the internet, allegedly forgot to scrub private data and information from the account they obtained.

However, here is MCMC’s official statement and explanation regarding the matter:


Essentially, they attributed the incident to a hacker and advised the public to not believe statements that were not released by MCMC themselves. There was also no mention of the original owner of the account and how the tweets backdated all the way to 2013.

Before MCMC suspended their own account, their Twitter had nearly 70,000 followers.

It’s only the first month of 2021 and the tea is spilling everywhere. Let’s hope that this incident is the final banana peel within the slippery realm of Malaysian politics.

JUICE also wishes the original owner of the account well amidst this chaotic circus.

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