Here’s The Reason Why The Weather in M’sia Has Been So Crazy Lately

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(Source: News Straits Times)

It looks like we’re gonna need to pack those umbrellas and raincoats at all times since Malaysia is predicted to go through the monsoon season again beginning Thursday (24 Sept) with expected loud thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds.

According to The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MetMalaysia) in a statement as reported in NST, these weather conditions may cause flash floods and damages to the public infrastructure. Looking back, the last flash flood tragedy was in Masjid Jamek where waters were raised up to 3 metres high into people’s homes and restaurants.

(Source: The Star)

Also, these outrageous weather conditions will happen in the evenings and early nights in most states on the west coast and the interior of the peninsula, west coast of Sabah as well as western and central parts of Sarawak.

At this point, it’s essential to be prepared at all times since this monsoon phase is expected to last until early November.

(Source: Malay Mail)

“During this period, the country will experience weak monsoon winds from various directions which are conducive for the formation of cumulonimbus clouds,” the report wrote.

The public is also given a notice in advance to always be on the lookout for weather forecast and any warnings issued by MetMalaysia through its website, myCuaca mobile app, social media and RakanMet portal.

Stay safe, everyone!