Here’s the Cutest Mother’s Day Gift Guide With a Local Twist

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We’re willing to bet that your mum is one of the most important ladies in your life. We’re also willing to bet that’s part of what makes it so hard to find just the right thing for her when her special day comes around.

You’d want to find something she’ll use all the time, but it can’t be strictly practical—you’d want to find something with a sentimental spin too. But overthinking it is only going to make the whole process harder, and before you know it, it’ll be the day before Mother’s Day and you’re still empty-handed.

To make your life so much easier, collectibles store Naiise is having a Mother’s Day online sale until 4 May! To make you more familiar with the brand, just know that Naiise is a curated destination for local, original, well-designed products and daily design inspiration.

Ranging from cute Nasi Lemak cufflings to adorable kitchen utensils, they are so many choices to choose from on their website. Since we know it will be overwhelming for you guys, we have selected six items that could potentially be the next gift (and even investment) for your lovely mother. Scroll down and check out the whole list:

1. Four Season Seasoning Set RM159

There is no excuse for having boring spice racks or seasoning shakers when you can spice up the dining table or kitchen with the Four Seasons (get the pun?). Each individual shaker cleverly adopts a season of the year, with a little tree sprouting forth from the seasoning.

2. Carousel Tea Set RM803

A simple cup and saucer set is transformed into a whimsical carousel inspired by the vintage fairground. When hanging in place, the mugs are animals riding a rotating merry-go-round. The stand and unique bone china pieces are crafted to be fully-functional for use, and beautiful for display.

3. The Wild Wild Local Weekly Planner RM39

Now your mum can start planning her week with this planner inspired by diverse and unique Malaysian wildlife like Lesser mousedeer, Gaur, Malayan pangolin, Malayan peacock-pheasent, Rhinoceros hornbill, Malayan flying lemur and Malayan tapir. This quirky gang also speaks a fluent Malayan Slang! This is part of a capsule collection celebrating Malaysian heritage and culture exclusively for Naiise.

4. The Most Cun Amoi In Malaysia T-Shirt RM45

Can’t help it that your mum IS the most prettiest amoi out there. Make her blush by gifting this! This Culture Series by the Apom Store comprises of T-shirts inspired by Malaysian culture – something Malaysians mummies can proudly wear.

5. Cupola Vase RM175

If your mum loves gardening or flowers (most of them do), than this one is for you. Cupola derives, via Italian, from the lower Latin cupula “small cup” indicating a vault resembling an upside down cup. This vase is designed and made in Malaysia by Pamela Tan.

6. Siew Yoke Stud Earrings RM60

If everyone knows your mum as a foodie, then get this now! TinyPinc specialises in making miniature food & figurines using Polymer Clay that get transformed into jewellery items like stud earrings, necklaces & bracelets.

Didn’t find anything suitable? Worry not, there’s so much more to see on the Naiise official website.

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