Now You Can Buy These Trendy Sneakers Made Out of Chewing Gum

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(source: Gumshoe)

Sneakers and gum have always had a strained relationship, but that could change soon. Usually, the consequence of chewing gum is the amount of gum left on streets, under tables and chairs, and just about anywhere one can hide their salivary waste.

To reduce waste and litter, Amsterdam city marketing organisation Iamsterdam, designer Explicit Wear, and sustainability company Gumdrop have collaborated to design a shoe from the recycled gum. How cool is that?

According to The Verge,  Gumdrop travelled around the streets of Amsterdam and scraped up discarded gum. Every 2.2 pounds of gum can be integrated into the soles of four pairs of sneakers. Since a whopping 3.3 million pounds of game is dropped onto Amsterdam’s streets each year, there’s plenty to go around.

(source: Gumshoe)

The Gumshoe project says it’s the world’s first pair of sneakers made from gum. Apart from the sole, the rest of the shoe is made from leather. The collaborators are also looking into potentially allowing customers to recycle and replace the sole when they need to.

Although it’s not in Malaysia (yet), the creators wants to expand the project to other major cities (except Singapore maybe) as they want to introduce an easier and more sustainable way for people to get rid of their chewing gum.

The shoes are available in bubblegum pink or black & red. They’ll be available in June for 190 euros (about RM900+, pretty hefty for recycled gum-shoes but hopefully the nobility of the idea would sell it).

Check out this video down below:

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