Here’s How You Can Help Free Dr. G From Death Row & Fight The Criminalisation of Cannabis in M’sia

Provided by Kaji Bukan Keji

In case you missed it, yesterday (16 June) JUICE covered Malaysian princess Tengku Chanela’s efforts in freeing cancer survivor and death row inmate, Dr. G.

For further context, Dr. G, also known as Amiruddin Nadarajan Abdullah, is a military retiree who allegedly treated his illness as well as helped others through bouts of epilepsy and leukemia by using cannabis. He also sold chocolate bars and brownies made with hemp seed oil.

In 2017, he was arrested for 36 counts of drug-related offences under the Dangerous Drugs Act in Malaysia and faces the mandatory death penalty if found guilty.

Provided by Kaji Bukan Keji

As a way to help free Dr. G from the shackles of death row, Tengku Chanela recently partnered with U.S. criminal justice reform nonprofit, Last Prisoner Project to host an event that raised funds and awareness towards his freedom.

Also present at the event was Laganja Estranja @ Jay Jackson, a cannabis activist and popular drag queen on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

At the event, she expressed her disbelief and sadness regarding Dr. G’s situation by saying, “I truly couldn’t imagine my father, who is similar in age to Dr. G and has also had a similar mission of helping people his whole life, being arrested for his kindness.”

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Echoing the thoughts of local activists and advocates, Tengku Chanela believes that there needs to be change in the perception of cannabis and hemp in Malaysia.

She said, “Dr. G is a courageous man with foresight and vision, whole nations including the UN now recognise the Hemp plant as medicine. He is a Malaysian hero, we will not stop until Malaysia changes its laws and sets him free.”

While these figures have been at the forefront pushing immense progress in Dr. G’s case, they still need our help in order for the campaign to reach its desired goals.


The most notable way for you to pitch in and help free Dr. G is by visiting the Kaji Bukan Keji website and perusing all the different methods where you can assist in this unrelenting fight towards justice and the destigmatisation of cannabis.

To make it easier for you to navigate your options, we’ll break it down for you…


If you’ve seen the incredibly heartbreaking documentary Ayahku, Dr. G, you would be aware of his daughter, Siti’s plights when it came to supporting herself while simultaneously going through arduous legal proceedings and prison visits. In the documentary, it was also revealed that Dr. G’s health has deteriorated over the years.

Because of that, funds accumulated from the campaign’s crowdfunding are solely siphoned into Dr. G’s legal and medical expenses as well as towards his food and pocket money while incarcerated.

The funds are also used for Siti’s extensive travels since the prison is located in Klang Valley while her home is in Seremban.

Stills from Ayahku, Dr. G (source:

Despite reaching their target, it is still encouraged for supporters of this movement to continue donating. Not only are you helping the campaign reach a wider audience but you are also easing the burden of a daughter who wishes to see her father come home again.

Any amount counts. If you want to pitch in, click here.

Sharing your story

Dr. G’s harrowing case is not an isolated incident, especially in Malaysia. Former engineer, Lukman Mohamad, who sold cannabis as medicine was also imprisoned, prompting even ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad to call for a second-look into his case.

There are many stories just like this getting lost in the ether or being shrouded by stigma and biased reporting.

In order to bring these stories to light, you can share your own experiences or the experiences of someone you know who has been affected by the criminalisation of cannabis. Providing a safe space and proving the detrimental effects criminalisation has on individuals, it will further push towards criminal justice reform.

Your story matters. To share, click here.

Spreading the word on social media

Art by Fahmi Reza for Vice

Awareness is integral in raising the issue to more people across the globe. Social media is a powerful tool nowadays and it has proven to help initiate change in many avenues.

By simply downloading posters provided on the website and using the hashtags #FreeDrG, #BebaskanDrG and #KajiBukanKeji when sharing them on your social media platforms, you are directly helping the campaign by spreading the word.

Watching Ayahku, Dr. G 


As mentioned before, the documentary provides a more intimate look into the struggles behind the sensationalised headlines revolving Dr. G. Emotionally impactful and heightened by interviews with Siti and audio recordings of Dr. G himself, the documentary is important when it comes to seeing the matter through a human lens and not just as a societal issue.

If you missed the initial premiere of the film, don’t worry, for it will be showing again on 25 June and 3 July under PELUANG and Freedom Film Fest respectively.

To keep updated on developments and how to get your tickets, follow the film’s social media on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


The fight is not over yet so there’s still time for you to help make a difference in our country.