Here’s a Perfect 4/20 Playlist for You To Chill & Vibe To…

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It’s time to unwind and relax for our highest of “holidays” that is coming up tomorrow. Besides having some munchies ready by your side, what you need is an amazing playlist to set the vibe right. 4/20 and music go together like butter and kaya, which is probably why so many of our favourite artistes are inspired by it.

But before that, lets dive in a short history lesson on where the term 4/20 comes according to HISTORY.

Many believe the term “420” originated from a police code that meant “Marijuana Smoking in Progress,” but as we stumble our way through the hazy past for the true origins of this iconic phrase, one blunt truth emerges—“420” did not originate with law enforcement, but with a group of high school students in 1970s California.

To sum it up, someone planted the herb and provided a “treasure map”. It fell into the hands of these teenagers that called themselves ‘The Waldos’. Every 4.20 pm they would meet up outside their high school at least once a week conduct a search. The Waldos would pile into a car, smoke some pot and scour the nearby Point Reyes Forest for the elusive, free herb.

Now let’s get back into the tunes. Not only does it influence music, sometimes the Mary J becomes a musician’s actual muse. So call up your friends, form a circle, and listen to some of these new hidden chill tracks that are drenched in pot references in celebration of 4/20:

1. Roll With Us – Doja Cat

2. #Empatduakosong – Amin Featuring Eden

3. Blame – Jesse Rutherford

4.  James Joint – Rihanna

5. How To Fly – Sticky Fingers

6. HIGHER – SBTRKT (ft. Raury)

7. High – Little Dragon

8. The Tree I Climb – Yellow Days

9. Blue Dream – Jhene Aiko

10. Void – The Neighbourhood

Nevertheless, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings! To all the haters, please calm down and don’t ruin this special holiday for us. Peace.

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