The Trial of Malaysia’s Dr Ganja

A group advocating the legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes have urged for more former “patients” to come forward in support of Amiruddin @ Nadarajan Abdullah a.k.a Dr Ganja, who is facing 36 criminal charges related to the use, growth and possession of marijuana.

Early last year, he was slapped with drug-related offences, which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction. He was charged in three separate courts – the first court convicted him with 14 counts of possessing cannabis weighing about 97.995kg at a house in Kampung Delek Dalam; at the second court, he pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of planting 18 plants suspected to be cannabis; at the third, he claimed trial to two counts of possessing cannabis weighing 55g, one count of inserting cannabis into his body and one count of possessing tools to smoke cannabis.

The difference between Amiruddin, a former armed forces captain, and other drug pushers is that he provided edibles laced with VHO (cannabis oil) instead of raw weed itself. The 58-year-old man had been selling marijuana on Facebook.

You could have easily mistook his page as a bakery with the amount of chocolate brownies, cakes, chocolates, milk, and honey pics posted. But what gave it away was his nickname (Dr Ganja) and also the frequent posts related to marijuana. And the fact that he openly states that the food sold were laced with marijuana.

In a report by Free Malaysia Today, Malaysia Awareness Society (Masa) secretary Harish Kumar claimed that Dr Ganja had cured over 800 people using marijuana for different sicknesses.

“He actually helped a lot of people with cancer and severe illnesses,” Harish said, adding that about 40 people, comprising former “patients” and supporters, gathered at the Klang Courts Complex to support Amiruddin.

“We expect more will come forward to support him when his case comes up again on Feb 7th.” Harish hoped those who sought help from Amiruddin can step forward and “bring the truth” to the public about the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

“One of his patients who attended his court mention today (22 Jan ’18) was an eight-year-old autistic boy from Terengganu. He was given ‘milk cannabis’, or milk with marijuana, by Amir and two months later, the boy’s condition had improved,” claimed Harish.

“Research and studies done overseas show that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells,” he continued, adding that Masa’s objective is to tell the people that marijuana is “not harmful to our health.”

Marijuana or cannabis have been used throughout history by common folk and royalty alike to relief various illnesses and pains. Today, many countries in the West have decriminalise its use and started investing in the medical marijuana industry.

However, anything being touted as a “miracle” cure should be treated with suspicion and care.

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