Here are 4 Gifts for Whisky Lovers for Any Occasion

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There’s literally a world of whisky out there, and choosing one as a gift can be very confusing at times. With everyone’s palate varying, it’s bit like match-making the right couple. And to say someone doesn’t like whisky is a bit like saying they don’t like people. Sorry, we don’t make the rules!

In the spirit of #GiveGenerously, we have compiled four drinks that you can’t go wrong with (plus, for a limited time, they’re all packaged in a special box that looks great). These four festive packs–Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Gold Label, Black Label as well as The Singleton of Glen Ord–make the perfect gift for any whisky enthusiast all-year round.

Scroll down and check out these four whiskies to figure out which one would suit your whisky-loving recipient the best..

1. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition

What really counts is what’s on the inside, it’s all about substance over style and the genuine depth that comes from lessons learned and experience gained. Much like the distinct characters and personalities of special relationships that have stood the test of time. That’s pretty much fancy talk for a whisky that’s prefect if you’re gifting it to someone special.

As a top range variant of Johnnie Walker, it’s an extraordinary whisky for extraordinary occasions. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the perfect scotch whisky that embraces a distinctive taste of richness with its velvety yet smooth flavours.

To depicts the beauty of the spirit of togetherness, the latest Johnnie Walker Blue Label Pioneering Cities Limited Edition 2018 is designed by notable Shenzhen-based illustrator-artist, Rlon Wang.

2. The Singleton of Glen Ord

How do you find the perfect gift to suit the your boss’, parents’ or sibling’s taste? Simple. Give the gift of #GreatTaste with this whisky. It’s perfectly balanced for a rich taste that’s created to taste great from the very first sip. It is both light and smooth, without compromising any depth of flavour or fullness of palate.

Best served neat or with a drop of water, Malaysia’s favourite single malt whisky exudes perfectly-balanced taste notes of apple, prune and cinnamon, a result of its unique slow batch distillation process.

This rich blend is also best enjoyed with dark chocolate, tantalising the taste buds with every drop.

3. The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Inspired by the notion of living luxuriously, get your hands on the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve’s rich, golden bullion pack to make any gifting moment precious. It is the perfect gift to celebrate a buddy’s new job promotion or new addition to his family. It also says something when you leave this with a personalised thank you note at the doorsteps of your biggest clients.

Indulge in the different layers of rich fruit, vanilla sweetness, spice and light smoke – perfect for any cocktail!

4. Johnnie Walker Black Label

You can’t go wrong with the classics. The stylishly bold new metallic square pack and the fun VAP pack with the complimentary carafe make a generous gift for old friends–it might have even been your first whisky together.

The bold flavours with dark fruit notes, vanilla spice and signature smokiness create a depth that just hits the spot for most whisky-lovers.


Now that you know which whisky to get for who, no more picking up random drinks that are on sale, okay? Only give the best to your loved ones and whisky-kakis..

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