Gifts to Get Your Loved Ones that Aren’t Gonna End Up Unused

I’m gonna be the first one to admit it; I’ve recycled gifts that others have given to me before. Let’s get real here, y’all probably have done this too, so let’s not be hypocrites. It’s not like these gifts aren’t appreciated, they simply do not serve a (real) purpose especially if you have limited space at home. This Christmas – since waste is a hot topic as of late – I’ve realised that practicality, paired with cost-efficiency, is a doable thing if you look close enough at what matters more than the cute trinkets you find at Typo.

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Candle burner and Essential oils

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We all know that someone who is all about being zen, cause they’ve probably answered one of your rants with a casual, slightly lazy tone of, “Just chill bro, you should come to yoga with me.” Which is why a candle burner alongside an essential oil or two will make a perfect addition in their zen cave aka their home, so they can continue relaxing in a better-smelling environment. Contrary to that, these also make perfect gifts for people in your life who aren’t zen at all to help them deviate from everyday stress and the usual bout of pettiness.

Squatty Potty

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You think we’re joking but we’re not, there are actually people out there who can’t take a normal shit and if you wanna call yourself a true friend, you should probably help their digestive system by getting them a Squatty Potty. Constipated or not, this will benefit anyone on days where things aren’t coming out smooth, so it’s good to have one at home even if it’s not used all the time. Swap a first aid kit for this thing, you never know if shit gets rough, literally.


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I dislike the word ‘very’, but this is very important if you know someone who works with computers a lot. Heck, I’d be happy if someone gave me a mouse cause I didn’t know what a difference it makes at work until I bought one for myself. Also, gamer friends and family members deserve one of those fancier gaming mouses (do you pluralise computer mouse as mice?) that light up in case they want to Dota until they’re sleep deprived (not that we suggest that lifestyle). You might as well buy one for yourself too, pal.


(Source: The Guardian)

Who doesn’t love books? But do make sure you only get them for those who can appreciate the finer things in life like reading, cause there are people who read to fall asleep and you don’t want your gift to end up in the wrong hands. Additionally, classic literature books are great because of the price point (they’re usually less than RM20 at your local bookstore). To make it more meaningful, give people books that you love or books that you think will benefit their current situation and watch their life unfold.

Kitchen Utensils

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For the friend who’s always baking something for you to try, or for your mother who has been using the same kitchen tools for the past decade (yuck!). The most interesting thing about these tools is that they’re gonna be of use eventually – even if you think it’s not. It’s a household staple, and even more of a necessity if your loved ones spend more time in the kitchen than they do anywhere else. The best place is IKEA, since they sell them in bundles so you can save yourself the hassle of looking for individual tools. Thank us later.

Makeup Remover

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Alas, we’ve reached a category that knows no bounds. Beauty lovers and makeup enthusiasts are tricky people to shop for because chances are, they’re particular as f*ck. Sephora gift vouchers are also quite expensive since you can’t do much with RM50 but here’s the catch, everyone who applies cosmetics needs to remove it somehow – and we all know the importance of removing your makeup before bed so there you go. My top pick is micellar water, which is a French girl favourite for its purity and gentleness on the skin.

Gift Cards for Groceries, etc.

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As a young adult who’s living on my own, groceries cost more than I expected and whenever I get to go back to my parents’ house, I’m hit with the realisation that these are some of the things I’ve taken for granted. You never know who’s struggling around you, so a gift card from any major supermarket or even Starbucks will be a huge treat for someone you know who leads a frugal lifestyle. My suggestions are Tesco gift cards that go as low as RM10, you can easily get them from Tesco itself and surprisingly, 7-Eleven sells gift vouchers too.

This is a never-ending streak so if you’ve got some good gift suggestions or things you need, let us know in the comments and tag your friends and family!