KL Clubs and Bars Have to Close by 1am in 2019.. Angry Netizens React

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New Malaysia, same ol’ moral policing.

Today, Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad who is a member of Amanah, announced that entertainment outlets in the city centre will no longer be allowed to operate past 1am beginning January 2019. In a report by NST, Khalid said this new regulation will be strictly enforced.

He added that exceptions will be made for outlets that cater to foreign tourists. However, as anyone who has gone clubbing or bar hopping in KL would know, it is hard to differentiate between spots that cater to tourists and locals. The minister did not go into details on how this would work. Like, does the international DJ/band go into the foreigner-headcount?

The shut-down-early order came only days after DBKL Mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan submitted a proposal on the matter. “Most of these entertainment premises that operate after hours are frequented by locals, not foreigners. Therefore only a select few entertainment outlets that are frequented by tourists would be allowed to operate until 5am. After this, there will be no more night clubs that open beyond the given closing time…” said the mayor.

According to Coconuts KL, FT Minister Khalid also revealed to members of the media at the Parliament lobby today, that officials were shocked to find that some outlets with “special permission” were “merely catering to locals.”

“We will have to check again on these special permission outlets. We don’t want it to be abused, especially complaints from the public,” he said.

FMT News reported that the FT Minister said that the move to curb operating hours for entertainment outlets should be seen as a reminder to those in Kuala Lumpur to spend more time and money with their families rather than at entertainment outlets.

Of course, the move drew flak from KL’s urban segment of society, many of whom voted for Pakatan Harapan to avoid an intolerant, nanny-state.

Hmm… Wonder if it’s possible to be a foreigner in your own country? Oh wait a minute….

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