Bottoms Up! Guinness is Paying Homage to Malaysia with Their New Limited Edition Designs

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Crack a cold one with the boys with three limited edition designs of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout that represent a rich blend of Malaysia’s diverse mix of cultures, people, and environment.

Guinness has been an all-around fave for most Malaysians for years now, and they’ve returned the love by exclusively designing bottles that reflect our country’s beautiful art, language, and cultural traditions, which live and breathe within the Malaysian community, and in totality, represent our nation’s diversity.

For each design, Guinness has opted for spirit animals that represent that diversity and each carries its own significant character.

The Bulldog

The bulldog signifies the grit of Malaysians in our desire to prevail over hardships, creating newer opportunities instead. Combining the modern and traditional tribal tat motifs of East Malaysians and some hints of Tamil and Mandarin scriptures, this design screams the fighting spirit of Hak Gow Peh (as the Chinese calls it). The splash of colours found on kampong batiks with a twist of Malaysian street art also gives that youthful connection with our millennials.

The Hornbill

The majestic Malayan Hornbill – known for its famous beak and chieftain-like presence, also an emblem for proud Bornean tribes – represents the boldness and spirit of Malaysians. Staying true to the local roots, the design carries Peranakan tile motifs and Bornean fabric patterns that represent the combination of cultures as well as traditions. The fiery red represents the local Chinese heritage, whereas the purple represents the local Indian community.

The Sea Turtle

Ever heard of the legendary Malaysian leatherback sea turtle? Her story reflects the spirit of dedication that lives in our people and the journeys we’ve gone through. No matter how far we go, we never forget where we came from. The henna symbolises purity and virtue, and also marks the momentous moments in our lives. And the three primary colours represent the unity of East and West Malaysia. In addition, the Tamil patterns conjure images of vibrant dance and rhythmic drums that beat to the pace of our nation’s progress.

These limited edition designs will be carried out until February 2018, and will appear on bottles (325ml and 640ml) and cans (320ml). On top of that, Guinness is gracious enough to give out a set of three miniature glasses that feature these artworks. All you need to do is purchase four large bottles of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (640ml) to redeem your gifts.

So what are you waiting for? Get them while stocks last!

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