Presenting the St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore ’18 SEA Lineup

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They’ve promised to get better each time, and with 15 international acts on the lock down for their 8th festival in Lion City this coming January, we’re stoked to announce eight more names from Southeast Asia to join in on the full lineup. From Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines, come the regional heroes we’ve been rooting for to complete the show – handpicked by a team that’s known for introducing the best talents around the world.

To prep you for one of next year’s most anticipated events, we’ve compiled an introduction to each performer alongside a playlist of their hits to help you ease into the vibes you’re about to witness at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay. Are you guys ready?

alextbh (MY)

Malaysians, you know who he is. If alextbh doesn’t ring a bell in your head however, you might wanna take a listen to this Miri-born lad who’s shaken up the local electronic r’n’b scene by storm. There’s a high chance you’re gonna slide in a few songs of his into your own personal playlist out of extreme pride, and pure enjoyment.

Amateur Takes Control (SG)

Fresh from a hiatus of three years, five-piece rock band Amateur Takes Control returns to centre stage with not only a renewed presence but also ATC EP2, which is said to be darker, noisier, and more aggressive. A fan of the Singaporean band’s older stuff? Worry not as they might be performing songs off their debut album You, Me and the Things Unsaid. 

Heals (ID)

Already making a name for themselves as one of Indonesia’s rising alternative rock band, Heals’ shoegaze appeal has caught the attention of many from the beginning with the debut of their single ‘Void’, to their most recent endeavour titled Spectrum, a full length album detailing the imaginative perspectives on human life.


Powerful is an apt description of Singapore’s very own MAS1A, who gracefully transitions from complex hip hop flows to dancehall. Listen to ‘Warriors Tongue‘ to get a taste of her infectious energy, and as one of the very rare Asian women in reggae, you really won’t want to miss out on her if partying is in your veins.

Obedient Wives Club (SG)

‘Baby Bye Bye’ off their five-track Cinematica EP could act as a brief description of Obedient Wives Club, a band that despite their outward appearance, displays a sunny disposition in their sound. A classic girl-group, almost fuzzy pop band at best, the group of five perfectly captures the indie spirit of Singapore.


As his moniker suggests, the rapper, producer, and songwriter is a talent made in Singapore. Aside from conquering online music streaming with his single ‘YAYA’ featuring The Sam Willow’s Benjamin Kheng, THELIONCITY has released three EPs and a full-length album to date – something we look forward to hearing live very soon.

The Ransom Collective (PH)

Amidst the thumping energy of a music festival lies the six-piece indie folk band The Ransom Collective, whose career took a swift change after emerging as winner in Wanderband. Hailing from the Philippines, the group’s melodic soundscape is one that is hard to mimic; an honourable mention in the lineup.

Tim De Cotta (SG)

Last but not least is Tim De Cotta, a multi-talented musician whose skills in the genre of r’n’b and hip hop was moulded by the likes of John Legend, Common, Maxwell, and Mos Def. To boot, the Singaporean crooner has pushed boundaries in both production and writing. Listen to him below:

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