Kyoto Protocol Releases Heartbreaking Music Video for ‘Now You’re Gone’

Come aboard the lets-all-ugly-cry train because Kyoto Protocol is back with a brand new music video that will seriously pull at your heartstrings…like this:

Indie rock band Kyoto Protocol surprised us all with a heartbreaking music video for ‘Now You’re Gone’ off the album Catch These Men that was released in 2015 (yeah, local bands take their time…). The band paired the release with two announcements on their social media, that this would be their final release from the album and that they’ve begun writing and recording their much awaited third album that will be released in 2018.

It’s a surprise to all their fans that they chose ‘Now You’re Gone’ as their final release since it is a ballad. Those who are familiar with Kyoto Protocol know that they are renowned for their intense rock anthems, and ‘Now You’re Gone’ is so far apart from that that it isn’t even funny. Nevertheless, the music video still came as a nice surprise. Although it is a tad bit desolate than what fans are used to, it’s still honest, uncensored and relatable as it exposes the hardships of being in a relationship and the process of falling out of love.

Fuad Alhabshi from Kyoto Protocol explained that the sudden release was long overdue:

“We wished we released it earlier, but it’s been a tough year. All of us have been going through changes in our lives both personally and at our day jobs. So much change but at the same time we want to keep making and sharing our music.”  

Heartbreaking as that sounds, we all know the hardships they face will resonate in their album later on. As for plans for the new album, Fuad adds that:

“It is possibly the best songs that we’ve ever written; both lyrically and musically”. The fans can look forward to what fellow bandmate Gael Oliveres describes as “a personification of who we are as a whole unit. The album will be relatable to most because it tells a story of a beginning and to its end.”

While we wait for their new album, their latest music video will bring you on a emotional roller coaster ride, where you see the band fall apart and slowly deteriorate right in front of your eyes. Directed by Adriana Tunku, who’s worked on multiple film projects in Los Angeles and Prague, the music video is probably the band’s best to date, and will definitely leave you wanting more and looking forward to their comeback.

Watch the full music video for ‘Now You’re Gone’ here: