Guess What Happens When You Go To

The internet is a wonderful place unless you’re a sore loser.

Christmas is still a month away but has already packaged a surprising gift within its domain. Now, the simplistic url may be unassuming but once you click on it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

What lies behind the domain, you may ask? Here’s a hint: It’s orange, wrinkly and balding in all the wrong places.

The Senseless Cruelty of Donald J. Trump - The Atlantic
source: The Atlantic

Yep, you guessed it. Clicking on brings you straight to the Wikipedia of soon-to-be former U.S president, Donald Trump (last day in office – 20 Jan 2021). I guess when you lose to an opponent you repeatedly called “the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics”, it makes you the world’s largest ever loser.

However, Trump’s not just a loser in terms of the election, but he somewhat embodies the term due to the plethora of losses he has collected over the years. Let’s take a look…

Trump might as well suck his thumb and play with Legos because refusing to concede defeat is just as childish

Trump campaign sues to stop Pennsylvania certifying Biden win | US & Canada | Al Jazeera
source: Al-Jazeera

Trump went on multiple random tangents on Twitter to try to distract people from voting. He even tweeted, “STOP THE COUNT!” as if his tweets hold any value to the electoral vote whatsoever. When Joe Biden was elected the new president of the United States, Trump initiated a probe based on unsubstantiated allegations for voter fraud.

You know what? Let’s just entertain Trump by allowing him to count the votes himself.

Trump believes injecting light into the body can kill the coronavirus within seconds

source: Wall Street Journal

Trump ignored actual medical practitioners and went on a goose chase for a ‘cure’ to the Covid-19 virus via a “powerful light”. Using pseudo-science (read: BS), he managed to convince his team to prioritise this study into using rays of light and heat to kill the virus. When faced with criticism, he simply replied,

“I don’t know. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. I’m not a doctor.”

Yes, that will be my excuse too when an emergency calls for a doctor and I, a 22 year old Communications graduate, volunteer to save the day.

Trump belittled Parasite’s win at the Oscars and suggested we all go watch a racist, outdated film from the ’30s instead

As you may already know, Parasite‘s win at the Oscars was something all POC celebrated. It was the first ever foreign film to win the coveted Best Picture trophy and personally, I cried when I heard the news. However, to Trump, he just… didn’t seem to get it.

In a speech at one of his rallies, he said,

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year? The winner is… a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about? We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give them the best movie of the year? Was it good? I don’t know. Let’s get Gone with the Wind. Can we get Gone with the Wind back, please?”

I don’t blame him however. There’s no way a brain that slow could possibly keep up with subtitles.

I’d love to stay and take more potshots at a world leader, but there are more out-of-tune reality stars here who deserve that.

Good luck on recovering from the insurmountable pile of losses, Trump and before I go, I have one thing to say…


You’re fired!