Gucci Releases Grunge-Inspired Grass-Stained Jeans For £600 (RM3,167)

( Source: Hypebeast)

There’s nothing more irritating (literally and socially) than having a big green blemished stain on your behind after sitting on a patch of grass (anyone who remembers the #urbanrashes that were caused by caterpillars on the grounds of Urbanscapes 2013 can relate).

Grass stains are also by far one of the trickiest laundry stains to remove especially if you’re wearing white. But of course, none of this matters to Gucci who have managed to put a spin on that laundry nightmare and turn it into a new trend with its wide-legged distressed grass-stained jeans.

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These Grunge-vibe jeans have grass stains around the knee area and is made from organic cotton “specifically treated for a stained-like, distressed effect,” according to Gucci’s website. Brand loyalists and victims of high fashion can purchase these grass-stained jeans for £600 (RM3,167).

(Source: Pinterest)

Their website explained that “Gucci explores new takes on the cult fabric, reinterpreting it with different designs and washing techniques that blur the line between vintage and contemporary.” Also, all organic leftovers from the cutting process are up-cycled into new materials under the “Gucci up” programme.

Related to the jeans, the label has launched a pair of overalls covered in grass stains as well as part of their Fall/Winter collection, priced at USD1,400 (RM5,810) with adjustable straps and a whole load of pockets. There is also a metallic ‘School outfitters Gucci vintage Maison de l’Amour Firenze’ logo label at the back.

No mention on whether the jeans and overalls simulate the smell of grass but for that amount of money, they should.