Restaurant Builds Small Greenhouses So People Can Maintain Social Distancing

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source: Mediatic Eten

The world is slowly restarting the economy and ushering us into the lifestyle that we’ve missed so much: feeling the sun on our faces and eating with loved ones at our favourite restaurants. However, it is still important that we maintain social distancing, better our personal hygiene and follow the guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19.

One restaurant is thinking outside the box by (ironically) seating people inside one. A vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, Mediamatic Eten, plans to seat diners in small enclosures called “serres séparéés”, or separated greenhouses, ideally for two who are living together.

source: MSN

With a beautiful city view across the water, the restaurant has already done a test run, serving guests four-course, all plant-based meals. Apart from the greenhouses, the waiters wear face shields and serve food on a wooden board to avoid any contact between the guests and staff.

According to their Facebook post, they also plan to re-open the normal dining area with some adjustments to help maintain social distancing.

source: Insider

Mediamatic Eeten plans to open its doors on 21 May, but is still waiting for permission from local and national authorities to use the greenhouses, according to Lonely Planet. However, all reservations are now fully booked ’til the end of June.

This is a super cute idea and one that we think Malaysian restaurants can follow, but we’re not sure if we’d want to eat nasi kandar or tempoyak in a small, enclosed cubicle…

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