This Cute Y2K-Coded Capsule Collection Is Inspired by Dating Apps

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(source: Grailz & 2000archives)

South Korean labels Grailz and 2000Archives have teamed up to release their first-ever capsule collaboration, inspired by Y2K fashion and dating apps.

Experimental and alternative vibes

(source: Grailz)

Titled “It’s a Match”, the capsule collection consists of eight pieces, worn by different muses to depict the personalities you might encounter while swiping away on a dating app. The collection is also a general reflection of people who express their individuality and charm through social media.

Let’s face it, you’ve probably seen at least one of these archetypes somewhere in your life:

(source: 2000Archives)
(source: 2000Archives)
(source: 2000Archives)

The collection features a variety of pieces, including a hoodie, cap, t-shirt, various corset tops, and a pair of lighter key rings.

Prices start from ₩39,000 (roughly RM136) and go all the way up to ₩183,000 (about RM637)

(source: Grailz & 2000Archives)

After checks by JUICE, it does not seem like they ship to Malaysia. When registering a shipping address, the website requires you to provide a South Korean phone number, unfortunately.

But hey, if you’ve got friends in South Korea who are willing to ship stuff to Malaysia, more power to you!

Check out the collection here.

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