Got a Wet iPhone? DON’T Dry It in a Bowl of Uncooked Rice, Apple Warns

If anyone ever tells you to put your wet iPhone in a bowl of rice to “effectively” dry it up, please don’t listen to them. It could do more damage to your precious iPhone.


8 Best iPhone 15 Pro/Max Accessories We’d Happily Recommend To Anyone

Level up your iPhone 15 Pro/Max experience with our curated selection of cases, magnetic wallets, grips, and charging stands. You’re welcome.


7 Romantic Local Airbnbs To Stay at for a Cosy Belated V-Day Getaway

Whether you’re looking to stay near the beach, or you’re looking for Balinese vibes, there’s something on this list for you and your boo.

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‘Squid Game’ Star O Yeong-Su Could Face 1 Year in Prison for Sexual Assault

O Yeong-Su (79) had allegedly groped and kissed a woman in his theatre troupe back in 2017.


Touch ’n Go Releases New NFC-Enabled Dragon Charm for CNY & It’s Cute AF

Touch ‘n Go’s new CNY-themed charm features a red and yellow dragon holding a gold sycee. It’s tiny, it’s cute, and it’s extremely convenient for daily use. What more could you ask for?


Here’s the Rundown of Netflix Games Coming to You in 2024

Netflix Games was launched in 2021. Now it’s levelling up with more games in 2024.


PDRM To Start Using Body Cams in October To Stop Bad Cops From Bad-Copping

This comes amid a string of bad publicity for PDRM in recent months.

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10 Lovey-Dovey Films To Binge With Your Better Half On Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day film, or you simply want to binge everything on this list, we guarantee you’re not going to be disappointed.


6 KL Florists To Show Your Valentine You’d Still Love Them if They Were a Worm

Show your boo you truly love them, in sickness and in health, and in human and worm form.

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Award-Winning M’sian Film ‘Tiger Stripes’ Is Coming to Netflix in February

Directed by Amanda Nell Eu, ‘Tiger Stripes’ follows 12-year-old Zaffan as she navigates the perilous journey of adolescence and grapples with internalised misogyny in a conservative society.