Going On A Vacation? Get 1GB Free Roaming Data From Tune Protect

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You can now receive FREE 1GB roaming data when you purchase AirAsia Travel Protection

You may feel like getting travel protection is unnecessary, but the truth is, it really can help you in so many ways. Not only is it very affordable, it only takes a few minutes to purchase, and has huge benefits for you.

One of those benefits is that you get to redeem a free Flexiroam X Starter Pack with 1GB of high speed data roaming worth up to US$35 (~RM145), compliments of Tune Protect.

Flexiroam is available in over 140 countries, so you’re more than likely to get awesome coverage wherever you travel

Plus, if you need data for more than three days all you have to do is top up your data plan using the Flexiroam X app. Easy peasy!

Stay connected easily and navigate your way around a new city, find the best eats and local hotspots, contact friends and family, and so much more!

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Really, how did we ever survive without smartphones and the Internet? They make life so much better.

Starting from just RM10, it’s a total no-brainer to get both travel protection AND free 1GB roaming data

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Interested? Check out some of the ah-may-zinngg coverage AirAsia Travel Protection provides:

  • Personal accident benefits –  Receive up to RM300,000 in the event anything happens to you
  • Trip cancellation – Get a refund for your original flight and hotel cost
  • Medical expenses reimbursement – Have peace of mind knowing any medical help you need will be covered while you travel
  • On-time guarantee – Get RM200 if your flight is delayed for 2 hours on AirAsia
  • Travel delay benefit – Receive compensation for every subsequent 6 consecutive hour delay
  • Loss or damage to checked-in baggage – Cover loss or damage to your luggage or baby stroller
  • Baggage delay – Get monetary reimbursement if your luggage is delayed
  • And so much more!

Get more information on AirAsia Travel Protection here.

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To get protected, just tick YES to Travel Protection when you book your AirAsia flight

If you’ve already purchased your tickets, you can add-on travel protection here.

And don’t worry if you’re flying on another airline, you can still enjoy this freebie when you purchase Tune Protect’s Travel Easy plan!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy FREE 1GB of free roaming and more with Malaysia’s #1 Travel Protection! Find out more here.

source: Tune Protect

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