Girl With The Longest Hair in The World Who’s Known As ‘Rapunzel’, Gets A Haircut After 12 Years

source: Guinness World Records/ Ripley’s Believe or Not!

Known as the real-life ‘Rapunzel’, the teenage girl with the longest hair in the world has finally cut it after 12 years. Her hair will be donated to Ripley’s Believe Or Not Museum.

18-year-old Nilanshi Patel from Gujarat, India has not cut her hair since the age of six after she received a bad haircut. Her dedication to grow it out has earned her three Guinness World Record titles.

She decided to cut her hair short a few days before her 18th birthday, with the final measurement reaching 200cm, the longest it’s ever been.

“My hair gave me a lot – because of my hair I am known as the ‘real life Rapunzel’… Now it’s time to give something back,” said Nilanshi who described her hair as her “lucky charm”.

source: Guinness World Records/ Ripley’s Believe or Not!

She added that before giving it to Ripley’s museum, she considered auctioning or donating it to charity. However, her mother, Kaminiben pointed out that her hair was made to inspire and displaying it at a museum would be the right call.

Nilanshi ‘s hair will be displayed for a limited time at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum before being permanently exhibited at the Guinness World Records museum in Hollywood.

source: Guinness World Records/ Ripley’s Believe or Not!

Rocking a cool bob cut, she said she loves her new hairstyle and can’t wait for visitors to see her long locks on display at the museum.

“I feel proud that I’m going to send my hair to the U.S. museum. People will see and be inspired by my hair. I’m really, really happy,” she said.