Twitch Star Breaks Record For Highest Subscribers After His 31-Day Continuous Live Stream

source: The Verge

After a month of continuous live stream, a Twitch star who has become the most subscribed streamer, held a new record for the highest subscribers yesterday on the popular Amazon-owned platform.

Ludwig Ahgren had more than 283,000 subscriptions in what TwitchTracker website ranked as an all-time high, even beating previous record held by famous streamer Tyler “Ninja” Belvins.

“Since I started streaming – Prince Phillip died – The Suez Canal got blocked and unblocked – (YouTuber) David Dobrik made two apology videos – Jesus of Nazareth died then rose from the dead,” Ahgren joked in a tweet.

Ahgren launched what he referred to as a subscription marathon or subathon in mid-March and initially thought he would stream for 24 to 48 hours.

After his stunt went viral, he stopped the subathon last Tuesday after 31 days because he was afraid the Twitch community would keep his stream live indefinitely.

During his streaming binge, viewers watched Ahgren as he ate, played games and slept – in a bed that looks like a red sports car. Ahgren was sometimes not even in the camera’s frame.

source: Jioforme

The Twitch star also promised that a portion of every subscription, which costs USD5 (RM20.64) would be donated to The Humane Society or St. Jude’s charities.

“Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I wasn’t a little sad but congrats @LudwigAhren on holding the new sub record on twitch,” Ninja tweeted.

Ahgren now has 2.65 million subscribers on Twitch and breaking the record wasn’t the only thing he did. He and his friends took turns to destroy the plastic sports car bed frame before giving an emotional goodbye minutes before the stream ended.