Girl Sneaks Her Munchkin Cat Into Class at University Because It Was Being Too Clingy

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It’s annoying when human partners get too clingy towards each other but when it comes to animals, it’s an exception. Recently, a munchkin cat from China was sneaked into his owner’s class when the feline wouldn’t let his owner leave home without him.

Ms Wen, a university student from the city of Xi’an in north-western China claimed that her cat, Ba Dun (translation: “Eight Meals”) who is named after his big appetite, started snuggling up on her when she was trying to get ready for class on Friday morning.

(Source: Daily Mail)

Feeling sad for Ba Dun, she eventually gave in and hid him inside her desk. Throughout the lecture, Ba Dun was really obedient and kept quiet to not be discovered.

Thanks to Ba Dun’s stealth skills, Wen’s lecturer did not suspect anything out of the ordinary.

The video of Ba Dun secretly hiding was posted on the Chinese TikTok-like Douyin, and has over 300 million views now.

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