Chef Wan Disappointed By Malaysians’ Littering Habits, Says It’s “Sad and Pathetic”

source: Majoriti

Legendary Malaysian culinary mastermind, Chef Wan, was visibly upset in an Instagram post he made ranting about Malaysians’ littering habits.


As seen in the photo above, he stated that it was “sad and pathetic” to see Malaysians leaving garbage about and expecting others to clean up for themselves.

Judging from the post alone, it seemed that Chef Wan was in an airport or bus terminal and was triggered by the sight of empty water bottles and trash strewn everywhere.

source: Instagram

The final straw was when he saw a lady throw a plastic water bottle on the ground right as she left her seat. He was outraged as there was a nearby trash bin and deemed the act “selfish and inconsiderate for others.”

“If u don’t do that at your home then why should u behave like that in public places? I simply cannot comprehend such irresponsible behaviour,” said Chef Wan at the end of his rant.

Have a look at the original IG post below:


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As a Malaysian, I myself have been guilty of littering for a very long time, regardless of what state I’m in (KL for the most part).

I try not to make a habit of it of course what with all the recycling initiatives and programs we had to sit through in school. I do my part when I can.

source: Spicy Malaysia

But is littering an inherently Malaysian trait which we picked up from generations of watching our elders throw things out the car window with zero regard?

Or could it be that we’re just a society of care-free, unhygienic slobs flipping the bird to Mother Nature because why not?

Either way, we should all strive to care more for our environment even if it’s in the smallest way possible. A little goes a long way as they say… whoever ‘they’ are.