WATCH: Netizens ‘Kecoh’ Over Old Lorry Driven by “Japanese Soldier Ghost” at Segambut

(source: Screenshot from video)

While the Japanese army invaded Malaya in the 1940s, it seems that some of the troops are still occupying the nation even in the afterlife…

Recently, a 45-second video clip showing a lorry moving with no visible driver at an oil palm plantation in Segambut, went viral on social media. The video clip resurfaced after it was uploaded about six months ago.

The alleged ghostly encounter was recorded during the day and the lorry, which was claimed to have been used during World War 2 by Japanese soldiers, was seen moving about 20m without anyone in the driver’s seat.

According to NST, the video clip has not been verified. While we couldn’t find where it was originally posted, here’s the clip re-uploaded on a YouTube channel:

Some netizens made tongue-in-cheek comments including reprimanding the “ghost” for disturbing people in broad daylight or speculating that the driver had to stay invisible due to having issues with the Road Transport Department or the JPJ.

Others were more taken in by the mystery and pointed out that the lorry’s tyres were not rotating when it moved, whereas some netizens just shared how scared they were after watching the clip. And of course, there were also those who believed in paranormal entities.

While some believed that whoever created the video wanted to gain profit when it went viral, many called on the responsible parties to come forward and explain the video clip to put a stop to the speculation.

What do you think? Is it a prank or should we be calling The Ghostbusters?