Woman Who Sent Food To Police Station Every Day For 37 Years To Honour Husband Passes Away

Mak Cik Saadiah tetap 'rindu' IPD Gerik
source: Berita Harian

When the story of a policeman rekindling his past friendship with a woman who used to give him pau as a small boy went viral, people were touched by the timeless effects of kindness.

So, when news broke that the embodiment of kindness, Saadiah Abdullah, has passed away, many felt their hearts break for her family and those touched by her generosity.

Mak Cik Saadiah sudah tiada
source: Sinar Harian

If you didn’t know, 84-year-old Saadiah had been sending food to the Gerik District Police Headquarters (IPD) every day for 37 years, only pausing if she was sick.

The reason why this became her routine was because she was trying to immortalise and honour the memory of her husband, Alias Nik Daud, who died in 1975 due to a communist attack while working as a boat driver at the station.

Her story even inspired a tearjerking Raya ad. Watch it below:

Affectionately known as Mak Cik Saadiah, she passed away due to old age on September 4 and has been buried at Tanah Perkuburan Islam Kampung Padang in Gerik.

Her youngest child, Wan Jelani Alias, 51, is extremely saddened by her passing. They said, “To us, our mother was a hero even in her old age. Even at 84 years old, she would cycle for as far as 5 kilometres to send food to the police after dad’s passing.

“For her entire life, she never forgot dad’s sacrifice. She is the true hero of our hearts.

“Apart from undying love and loyalty to our dad, our mother indirectly showed her appreciation to the officers of safety. That’s why she continued to send food to the station.”

Mak Cik Saadiah sudah tiada
source: Sinar Harian

Saadiah’s health had been deteriorating for years, especially after she suffered a stroke.

After she fell off her bike in 2012, she did resume her routine but instead of sending rice with dishes, she sent sweets and snacks while being a passenger on a motorcycle driven by her child.

With a history of kindness spanning years, Saadiah will not be forgotten.