‘Gangnam Style’ Psy Confirms Jho Low is His Friend Amid K-pop Sex Scandal

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Korean superstar Psy has admitted on his Instagram account that fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho–better known as Jho Low–is his friend. This statement was released after he became the subject of the ‘Burning Sun’ scandal report by Straight, an investigative series by Korean broadcaster MBC.

The ‘Burning Sun‘ case is Korea’s biggest sexual abuse and trafficking scandal that involved several celebrities, including Korean idols in popular K-pop groups, and police officials. These allegations are rocking South Korea’s multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

The popular singer confessed that he introduced the accused mastermind behind 1MDB to Korean pop mogul Yang Hyun-Suk, better known as YG (who allegedly arranged the sexual services). In the Instagram post which was written in Korean, Psy detailed their friendship in-depth.


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“It is true that the Jho Low mentioned in the news is my friend. When I knew [Jho Low] back then, he had been someone who was active in Hollywood’s show business industry. I came to know of him because of my overseas activities during that time, and I introduced Jho Low to Yang Hyun Suk.

“Regardless of if he was a good friend or not, it is an indisputable fact that I was friends with Jho Low… When Jho Low and his party visited Korea as part of their Asia tour, Yang Hyun Suk and I were invited to attend [the dinner]. After eating and drinking with others who had been invited, Yang Hyun Suk and I left first.

“At that time, I thought of [the dinner] as a meeting with a friend who came from a faraway country,” Psy said in his IG post.

(source: Soompi)

He ended his statement with an apology for the inconvenience he had caused over the matter.

As for Jho Low, he recently denied the Straight report that named him among those who were allegedly offered sexual services by Yang. In the report, Low and Thai businessman Chavanos Rattakul had met Yang and high-ranking figures from YG Entertainment, one of the country’s ‘Big Three’ entertainment giants, at an upscale restaurant in July 2014.

The duo had afterward allegedly left for a club said to be owned by Yang, where they were reportedly offered sexual services. Yang has since denied his involvement in mediating the sexual services.

(source: ABC Net)

In another report by Malay Mail, the flagship company of business mogul Low – Jynwel Capital Ltd, is said to be the company behind Psy’s appearance at the Penang Barisan Nasional’s Chinese New Year open house in 2013.

At that time, Psy was an artist under YG’s roster. He left in 2018 after 10 years, before setting up his own record agency and label P-Nation.

Last December, Low was charged in absentia with five money-laundering charges for transferring RM4.21 billion into Good Star Ltd’s accounts between 30 September ’09, and 25 October 25 ’11.

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