From Eviction To Making RM800 A Day, Mother Of 10 Turns Her Life Around By Selling Food At Bazaar Ramadan

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A few weeks ago, JUICE covered the story of a woman evicted from her home and seen crying by the roadside along with her valuables and young children.

The 37-year-old mother named Rosliza was then saved by Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim who helped her buy house appliances, food and even paid rent for an apartment for her and her 10 children.

Rosliza used to earn RM700 a month as a restaurant helper but now, after turning her life around and pursuing her dream of selling mee goreng, pasembor and mee kuah, she now earns RM800 a day in profits.

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source: Facebook, Lee Khai Loon

Selling her delicious treats at Bazaar Ramadan Alma, she has since expanded her menu to serve fried chicken, sausages and lai chi kang.

Her plan to start her business was hatched as soon as Sim reached out to help her family. Inspired by his kindness and driven by her need to change her life around, Rosliza decided to open up her stall as soon as the holy month started.

She was welcomed with open arms and her stall gained traction from a lot of customers. Two of her children even accompanied her to man the business.

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source: Facebook, Lee Khai Loon

The photographer that discovered her and alerted Sim of her grievances is now thrilled to see Rosliza flourish in her new endeavour. He told Mstar,

“Can you imagine? In only a week, Kak Ros, who was evicted from her home, has now risen for the sake of her family. Who knew that on the first day of Ramadan, she could accumulate more than RM700 in profits!”

If you’re ever in the area, do give Rosliza a visit and buy her famous pasembor.