For Those Who Are Alone This Valentine’s, Take Matters Into Your Own Pants

(source: Pornhub)

You wake up in the morning, scrolling your social media and suddenly there’s a flash flood of PDA on your timeline. Couples posting pictures of cute text messages and gifts exchange, or having dinner at a restaurant that you can never afford even if you work for 100 years. If you’re confused as to why this is happening – that basically means you’re single. Then, you get a sudden realisation that it’s Valentine’s Day, and you wonder how you can spend your time when all your friends are busy with their SO.

Don’t worry, being single doesn’t mean you can’t have a good and fun time on your own. Thanks to Pornhub, non-Premium subscribers will gain access to all premium content for free within 24 hours, exclusively on Valentine’s Day.

According to Pornhub Insights, more than 3.5 million users went on the site and took advantage of the free premium content on that day, with charts that shows an increase in traffic and stats on which kink that most users searched for. We’d say this is a good way to maintain quality content for consumers. Good on you, PH.

(source: Pornhub)

One of the countries that boosts the site’s traffic is Chile, with a 7, 288 increase in percentage, followed by Mexico, Peru and Columbia. That’s a lot of single folks out there. (We feel you)

Besides that, Pornhub’s statisticians also showcase what users searched for during February 14, and found out that most of them are Valentine’s related searches, with “valentine” being the first, “cupid” on second place and “love” cumming at third, respectively.

(source: Pornhub)

In no way this is a conventional way of spending your V-Day but then again, there’s nothing wrong with being in the comfort of your own home. Good luck braving the heavy traffic to the site, folks.

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