14 Film Details Even Movie Buffs Would Miss

When a movie has audiences on the edge of their seats, or falling out of them, you’d be surprised at how much they miss. We don’t just mean mistakes or plot holes, viewers are just as likely to overlook clever details the directors placed into the film on purpose for an extra laugh or a mind-bending twist.

So here’s another reason to re-watch your favourite films–besides passing time during the festive season–it’s no secret that some movies are littered with Easter eggs and obscure details that add lore and nostalgia. Discovering a little known factoid or tidbit not only endears current fans, but creates new ones.

Here is JUICE‘s list of 14 Movie Details You Definitely Missed:

1.Harry Potter: The film’s intros becomes darker every year, just like the movies

2. The Matrix: Instead of hiding the camera in the doorknob’s reflection, they put a coat over it and a half tie to match with Morpheus

3. Star Trek (2009): A Dyson hand dryer (which you can find in most public toilets in Malaysia) is used as space age enterprise technology

4. Shaun Of The Dead: the movie’s key events are laid out by Ed before the zombies attack

5. Zootopia: Finally they stepped up their game and put on earphones on animals the correct way!

6. The Lego Movie: Whenever a character had a shiny surface on them, you can see a thumbprint clearly on the surface

7. Jurassic Park: Dennis Nedry wears similar outfits to characters in The Goonies. Kathleen Kennedy was the producer on both.

8. The Kingsmen: One of the vehicles is the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine

9. It: Pennywise The Clown can be seen hiding in one of the town’s murals

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy: Each of the stripes on a character’s leg is a crime they’ve committed

11. Captain America – Civil War: War Machine armor is heavier than Iron Man & makes the camera shake more when he lands

12. Spiderman – Homecoming (2017): Peter’s phone progressively gets more & more cracked after each battle

13. Wonder Woman: This is the first time Diana ever accepts an offered handshake. This conversation has no subtitles so you might miss that Chief reveals his true identity – Napi, A Trickster Demigod.

14. Ratatouille: The dog barking at Remy is Doug from Up

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