Rosyam Nor Says His Misogynistic Remarks In Ministry’s Promo Clip Were An Attempt To Motivate Women

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source: FMT

After receiving backlash for allegedly making degrading remarks about women, Datuk Rosyam Nor claims he has no desire to undermine women. According to Harian Metro, Rosyam clarified that his statements on Tuesday (Sept 13) were meant to encourage women to better themselves in business, and that the comments should be viewed favourably.

“The programme I organised was designed to inspire and raise awareness among women so that they can advance in business. As a result, the question of me speaking crudely or undermining women does not arise,” he was reported to have stated, as per The Star.

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Rosyam said in the TikTok video, aimed at promoting the ministry’s entrepreneurial programme that women were tardy, and that if they didn’t show up for an event, he would “smack them on the head.”

According to Rosyam, what he meant by belasah kepala kau was to ‘brainwash’ women and encourage them to rise in business.

“By belasah I mean brainwashing. This programme is to encourage women to rise up in business. Those who participate in this programme understand what I mean and there is no issue with those words,” he said, adding that ‘waking up late’ is also just a metaphor to urge female entrepreneurs to seize opportunities.

“The word is a metaphor and I use it for this group of entrepreneurs, not referring to women who wake up late,” he explained.

The recording of Rosyam’s words were posted by two-term Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Rina Harun, who was seen smiling behind Rosyam as he delivered his statements.

source: The Star

Yesterday, JUICE reported that Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh suggests Rina be “fired” for her consistent utilisation of cheap publicity which disparages the reputation of Malaysian women.

“Worse still, Rina and Yayasan Kebajikan Negara officers stood silently and smiled as women were insinuated at.” If Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob truly believes in Keluarga Malaysia, he must reject a minister who is dismissive of women,” she wrote.

The Segambut MP then queried how the ministry approved scripts that derided women, mentioning that Rina is not paid by taxpayers to work as an event organiser. Yeoh also stated that after over three years on probation, Rina and her deputy needed to “wake up.”

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Following that, at a separate instance, Rina delivered a speech in which she critiqued Rosyam.


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“He mentioned that women should not get up late. They are always late getting out of bed. I told Rosyam, do not discredit a woman’s initiatives and perseverance,” Rina said in a clip uploaded to her Instagram account, as the crowd responded with unanimous applause.