Firefighters Break Down Theater Walls to Save Naked Man Who Was Trapped Inside for Days

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(source: WIKI/FB)

Imagine working in a historical theatre and suddenly you hear a loud banging sound and cries for help from within the walls. While some of us would probably think a ghost is messing with us, luckily the workers at this theater knew better…

Recently, a 39-year-old man was rescued from inside the walls of the historic Landmark Theatre in New York on Friday (5 Nov). What’s worst is that the unidentified man was trapped in nothing but a birthday suit and he has been in there for days.

According to NYP, theatre workers called authorities around 7.30 am that morning after they reported hearing someone banging on the walls and yelling for help.

Firefighters came to the scene and drilled a hole in the theatre wall while using a fibre-optic camera “to determine his exact location and how to best extricate him”.

They drilled through several layers of drywall and structural clay tile before they were able to get a peek at the streaker, who is believed to have entered the theatre two or three days before his rescue.

Take a look:

(source: FB)

Syracuse Fire Deputy Chief John Kane said that the man had gotten into the crawlspace of the building where he hid for two days without being exposed before he fell into a space in the wall of the men’s bathroom and became trapped.

Meanwhile, the executive director of the theatre explained that employees had spotted the man wandering around the theatre earlier in the week before they lost track of him, believing that he had left.

Fortunately, the man had no visible injuries when he was rescued, but was likely dehydrated after several days without bare essentials such as water. He is also being treated and transported to a hospital as no criminal files have been charged against him, so far.