Excited M’sian Teacher Was Heartbroken When None Of His Students Joined His Online Class

(Source: @skinleas on Twitter)

Ever since the pandemic had started, teachers and students have had it tougher than usual, as most classes are now conducted online. Although many are not pleased with this idea, it’s something that everyone has to comply with.

Recently, Twitter user @skinleas became viral when she tweeted about an incident that happened to her father – a teacher who was trying to conduct an online class which none of his students bothered to show up for. This gave him no choice but to call them, one-by-one, but no one answered.

According to her the tweet, the girl’s father was actually really saddened by the situation because not too long ago he had excitedly asked his children to teach him how to operate Zoom and Google Meet in order to conduct online classes.

She also shared that her father’s class was supposed to start at 8:30 am but even after half an hour of waiting, none of the students showed up. She also stated that the students’ reason for not turning up to class was due to the fact that they had to work.

( Source: @skinleas on Twitter)

To cheer her father up, she had entered her father’s online class which lifted his spirits. Another random person who felt for her dad also entered her father’s online class, making him laugh.

Some netizens have also expressed their thoughts on the situation questioning the students’ behaviour and saying that the parents should take more responsibility for their children.

Not enough credit is given to our beloved teachers who work hard to provide our children with education despite the pandemic. Parents should be more observant towards their children and instil discipline and compassion within them so they would understand the concept of responsibility.

Also, maybe not ask them to miss classes for work ’cause, you know, there’s something called Child Labour… although in this case, there’s a chance that some or all of the kids have pakat to give the same answer.