Everyday M’sians Band Together to Lift Illegally Parked Car Off The Road to Make Way For Bus

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Every Malaysian has had their fair share of experiences with cars that are illegally parked on the side of the road. Sometimes it’s just annoying but other times, it’s straight up debilitating for drivers to make their way through.

In this video captured by Tik Tok user @haery_dean, a row of parked cars blocked the path for a bus to pass through. The tight space was enough to shoot up your anxiety, worrying that the bus might scrape all the cars on its sides.

Coming to the rescue, a group of good samaritans helped carry one of the cars out of the way. Despite the bus’ incessant honking, no drivers came by to claim their cars.

While we can’t really tell if the cars were damaged, the uploader of the video implied that most of the cars suffered from serious scratches while the bus was squeezing its way through the tight space.

Take a look:


@haery_deanTengok sampai habis🥶🥶♬ Oh No – Kreepa

In case getting scratches on your car isn’t enough to deter you from parking this way, you can get fined RM50 for parking outside of a designated spot and the fine increases to RM100 after the first 14 days.

Blocking traffic also costs you a RM200 compound, and a RM300 compound if you’re blocking traffic in a dangerous manner.

So don’t be inconsiderate, unless you want your car to end up with scratches and in a TikTok video.

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