Elon Musk, Tom Cruise and NASA Team Up to Shoot a Movie in Outer Space

source: Time Magazine/ GeekWire

Wednesday can’t get any wackier than this; Tesla and SpaceX billionaire bizarro Elon Musk and action superstar Tom Cruise are working with NASA to shoot a movie in outer space. You didn’t see that one coming, did ya?

According to Deadline, it’s not going to be another Mission Impossible film, but in true Cruise fashion, it is going to be an action film and the first narrative feature of its kind.

There’s currently no studio attached to the project and no further details available, but a NASA official confirmed that the space feature film is a go.

Yes, it is bizarre, but I would expect nothing less from a man obsessed with living on Mars and an actor who hangs off the side of an airplane as it takes off.

I’m curious to know how Cruise would approach this role, would he actually train to become an astronaut? Who knows. That man could star in a pancake heist movie for all I care, I’d still watch it.

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Stay tuned to JUICE for more updates on their space jam.

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