M’sian Asks Netizens To Edit Customers Into Picture of Their Restaurant & Guess What Happened…

JUICE is an avid fan of some serious photoshop skills because it not only produces laughs but it can actually incite some change in certain instances.

Since we did troll the internet with our article on fake Tupac sightings and even boosted a local Internet user who photoshopped ex-PM Najib Razak into several popular TV shows and films, it’s not surprising that we would frequent a Facebook group by the name of ‘Edit Apa Hari Ini’.

The group mainly focuses on doctoring images, and most of the time, it’s the simple, “Hey, can someone remove that crying baby from my very hot date night picture?”

But in this instance, a more solemn request came in.

May be an image of 4 people and indoor

Malaysian business owner, Saliza Ita, posted to the group asking the members to edit customers into a picture of her vacant restaurant.

The caption reads, “Can you edit my shop so it appears like it has a lot of customers?

“I’ve longed for a lot of customers at my restaurant similar to those that go viral even if it’s only in my imagination. Hopefully, this fantasy can become a reality.

“I’ve almost given-up but I persevered because this is the only skill I have to keep living. There was this one day when I operated my stall from morning until evening and I only received RM47. But I am still grateful because there are still customers who want to eat at my stall.

“Please hide me from the picture, admin.”

The post has since garnered 2.7k comments and 1.8k shares since it was initially posted three days ago.

Wonderfully, netizens banded together to promote the restaurant as well as fulfil Saliza’s request.

Check out the comments below:

The comments have now been flooded with similar messages of encouragement and even praises for the stall’s food.

Hopefully, with this posting, Saliza can finally take pictures of a full-house without the need for photoshop.