Remembering Famous Damansara Shopping Mall e-Curve Before It Turns Into High-Rise Apartments

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source: The Star

I’m beyond upset. Yet another childhood port of mine will soon fade into non-existence.

If you haven’t heard, e-Curve, which has been closed down for awhile now, is turning “into a high-rise residential development that supports multigenerational living” according to The Edge Markets.

You’ve probably watched a movie or two there, got some ice cream from the McDonalds on the ground floor or maybe even had your first date there. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end.

So who’s in charge of building this swanky new high-rise apartment?

BOUSTEAD Properties Bhd

source: The Curve

Boustead Properties is a diversified group under Boustead Holdings Bhd which serves as their property arm.

In a statement made by Boustead Properties CEO, Khairul Azizi Ismail, the goal behind the plan to redevelop e-Curve is “to raise the liveability standards in Mutiara Damansara”.

The multigenerational-living units mentioned earlier, are meant to support two to three generations of a family under one roof as the name implies. Households may be comprised of adults living with their parents or adults bringing in parents to help out with childcare purposes.

Additionally, Boustead claims that single units will be designed around a focus on privacy for couples and even include separate entrances in a single unit.

In all fairness, there’s many perks to living in a residential area located smack dab by one of KL’s most renowned malls in a central part of the city.

This just stings a lot because I have a ton of great memories there. From birthday parties, to ditching classes (not condoned) and hiding out at the cinema… I’m gonna miss you e-Curve.

Tons of Fun


Look at all those places above!

There was so much to do there back then (late 00s-2018). I wanted to slot in a picture of that one karaoke place on the same floor as the cinema and arcade but that’d ruin the aesthetic of the photo gallery.

One time after finishing a movie, me and a group of friends walked by the karaoke place and heard these two dudes singing a screamo rendition of ‘Seasons In The Sun’ by Westlife. Just felt like I had to share that.

Regrettably, I’ve never been skating at e-Curve rink. I mean I’ve been to the entrance but didn’t get to glide on the ice in some blades of glory. Probably would’ve fallen a lot but now we’ll never know.

Also, I once ‘met’ (saw from afar) local actor, Shaheizy Sam, at the cinema. Would’ve asked him for a picture but I didn’t want to cramp his style.

source: Facebook

That being said, I have many fond memories of being at all the other places featured in the gallery. See those guys playing that racing game up above? Yeah, everybody who played that game took it way too seriously.

Then again, I think that applies for most racing game aficionados.

Oh and a couple years ago I went to this laser tag place tucked away in a less-ventured side of the mall with my college mates.

That was cool. Not saying its the best laser tag venue in the Klang Valley, but fun nevertheless. On that note, I think the main problem with e-Curve was:

Cool Shops, Bad Locations

These were the only two photos (with clear enough resolutions) of notable brands actually from e-Curve that I could scour from the internet.

While Columbia and Nike are cool brands in their own right, IT’S THE HIDDEN GEMS that harbor the flyest swagoo! Hear this out for context:

@syakiros | source: Carousell

There was this one store which sold Drop Dead Clothing (BMTH fans, iykyk) but it was so isolated and hard to find that it closed down before I even fully hit puberty.

Wish I remembered the shop’s name but I do recall finding it through a Blogspot post… that just goes to show you how long ago this was.

Material items aside, how could anybody ever forget all:

The Places To Eat At

I think the first think that comes to mind for most people when they think of e-Curve food-wise is McDonalds. Not because it’s the best restaurant in the mall but just because of its prime location.

It’s basically the first place with food you’d see right at the entrance of e-Curve. In any case, most of the eateries at e-Curve were decent with some being shockingly good but empty due to them being hidden from shoppers’ sight.

FUN FACT: Did you know there was a Popeye’s Chicken at the bottom level of e-Curve when Popeye’s Chicken still existed in Malaysia? If that wasn’t fun enough of a fact well you tell us one then wiseguy/girl/non-binary!

Thanks For The Memories, e-Curve

source: Perunding Timur

I know this is definitely a nostalgia dump of an article, but I just have to express how much this place means to me and how sad I am to see it go.

Furthermore, I’m a bit weirded out that I’ve been referring to e-Curve as such throughout the whole article even though that is its name. Usually people living around the area just call e-Curve by it’s original name: Cineleisure.

It’s a Damansara thing.

At the very least, I take peace knowing that the memories I made there will forever be ingrained in my head. But hey, if you’re in the market for a place near the Curve – look no further, I guess.

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