This Heartbroken Lover Sent a Tonne of Onions to Her Ex’s House… Here’s Why!

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source: Tenor

Is it better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all?

That really depends on the situation of your break up and how you and your former love interest choose to treat each other post-break up. Some exes manage to make peace with each other with time while others end up relentlessly spiteful of each other. There’s also a special breed of folk who gift their exes specific items to remember them by.

Such gifts could be anything from a beautiful necklace inscribed “thank you, next.”, or a firm handshake depending on your budget. This particular scorned lover in China, however, definitely took the act of goodbye-gift giving to extreme heights with her final present.

A man from the city of Zibo in Shandong, China was shocked by a huge delivery of onions that landed at his doorstep. Altogether, there were about a tonne of onions delivered to this home with a single note written on a small piece of paper. The note read, “I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.”

It turns out that the onions were from the man’s ex-girlfriend, known as Ms Zhao, who was obviously pretty hurt from the split. According to Dailymail, the former couple broke up because Zhao’s boyfriend was allegedly cheating on her. She told reporters that she sent the onions in retaliation to ”make him cry as much as I did” and make him “know the taste of tears”.

Despite her statements, Zhao’s ex-boyfriend claims that their relationship ended because of Zhao’s “over-the-top behaviour” but I just don’t see that (maybe because of the tears in my eyes from just looking at all those onions).

Zhao was also annoyed by the fact that she did not see her former boyfriend crying at all. To make sure the delivery was uninterrupted, the courier who sent the large order received special instructions asking not to contact the receiver and was told to “dump the onions at the front door”.

Despite the specific orders, the courier still tried to contact Zhao’s ex-boyfriend to no avail and spent over four hours moving the whole tonne of onions from his truck to the front door. Putting aside the outrageousness of this whole ordeal, it seems that even while dealing through loss, everybody in this situation gained something.

Zhao probably gained some satisfaction knowing her boyfriend will be teary-eyed like she was. Zhao’s ex-boyfriend on the other hand gained an important lesson (I think) on why cheating is bad and also a year’s worth of onions to save on trips to the grocery store (which is pretty sweet since grocery shopping has turned into an event these days). As for the delivery courier, what could be more fulfilling than a killer workout?

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