Duo Who Allegedly Insulted Islam in Comedy Sketch Seeks Crowdfunding for RM40,000 Bail

The incident of a woman who recently stripped down from her hijab and Baju Kurung during a comedy sketch at a local comedy club has been topping the news lately. Now, the woman and her boyfriend are seeking crowdfunding to pay their RM40,000 bail.

Two days ago, Siti Nuramira Abdullah along with her boyfriend, Alexander Navin Vijayachandran received repercussions for their actions and were both charged for their misconduct.

Her comedy sketch was cheered and supported by her boyfriend who was outspoken in defending her jokes via social media.

Netizens spoke and deemed the act to be insensitive, inappropriate and disrespectful as she was seen making fun of Islam.

The comedy club where the woman delivered her punchlines, Crackhouse Comedy Club, had previously stated that they do not condone such behaviour in their space and had banned the woman from performing in the future. They then proceeded to lodge a report against the Nuramira.

Crackhouse Comedy Club KL’s public statement (source: Mashable SEA)

Much to everyone’s surprise, Kuala Lumpur City Hall revoked the club’s license, but Comedians and internet users criticised the suspension, saying the club shouldn’t be penalised for the woman’s behaviour at the open mic night.

One user said, “It wasn’t their wrongdoings, it was someone else’s, but they received the penalty. We don’t have many platforms like Crackhouse for local Comedians to perform at. Really unfair for authorities to just take knee-jerk actions like that. That girl should be held accountable.”

(source: Twitter)