Dua Lipa Talks About Being a Superstar, Tour Life and Missing Home

Images: Chris Chew

After her stellar performance at Good Vibes Festival back in 2017, fans couldn’t wait to see Dua rocking on stage for her Malaysian fans again. We feel the same here, and thanks to overwhelming requests by fans and their love, she’s back again on our shores for a special showcase.

Visiting every country possible, from Europe, America, Asia and beyond, people can’t seem to get enough of Dua. Her self-titled tour proves that she’s indeed a growing superstar.

Before rocking out with her at her sold-out solo show at KL Live, JUICE got the chance to meet and chat with Dua Lipa again to talk about her tour life and more.

Given the success she’s been receiving, we wonder how does the young artiste feel about being one of the biggest superstars out there? When asked, she simply said, “It’s scary.”

Even with all the success, she told us she still feels like a new artiste and there’s still so much that she wants to do. Dua shared with us the pressure whenever people say, “You’re one of the biggest artist at the moment,” but when it comes down to taking in all the success, she mentioned that it’s all about taking it each day as it comes.

“I guess with everything, it’s a lot about taking everything day by day. I’m so grateful for the fans, so grateful for the response, so grateful that they love the music.”

Dua also said that the fans are what pushes her to work harder, and that all the recognition she’s receiving now is the fuel for her next album to be as good, if not better than the first one.

But what does Dua Lipa do when the tour life takes a toll on her? Like most people, she counts on her family and friends.

“When I’m homesick, at the end of the day my family and friends are just a phone call away.”

“I’m really lucky to be able to just message them. They’re so supportive of everything and they’ve always been there,” she added.

“I think, sometimes just finding… I don’t know. Sometimes food can transport you back at like being home,”

With her witty charm, Dua expressed how her band helps her whenever she misses home.

“My band and my team are just so amazing. It’s always really easy to talk to someone who’s kinda going through the same thing as you when you’re homesick.”

Although sometimes home might still feel far away, Dua is really grateful to go through this phase in her life – to be able to go on tour and play in front of a crowd that appreciates the music she makes.

“I’m still in a really, really excited phase of my life and touring life and just work in general. I hope it never stops being like that.”

It’s no surprise that her KL show was sold out not long after the official announcement was made, fans are crazy about her. When she stepped on stage, the atmosphere in KL Live was like no other, even the upper decks were shaky from people jumping around.

Every time the pop star performs, she always gives her one hundred percent to make sure every face in the crowd goes home with the Dua Lipa Experience, and that hard work is what makes the Kosovo native who she is today. 

If there’s one pop star that we need to be on the lookout – it’s her.

Thanks to Warner Music Malaysia, IME Malaysia and InTour Live for giving JUICE the opportunity to sit and party with Dua Lipa. Follow Dua Lipa on Twitter or Instagram, and listen to her music here.