Drunk Man Goes Shirtless & Attempts ‘Kung-Fu’ Moves After Refusing to Pay For Bak Kut Teh

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(source: SAYS)

Somebody call Worldstar! Recently, a viral CCTV video of an intoxicated man who was seen striping while threatening to ‘square up’ with a waiter in Klang has been circulating on the net. Of course, out all places, this incident happened at a bak kut teh restaurant in Taman Klang Utama at around 8am on 25 May.

It is believed that the drunk man walked into the restaurant to tapau some bak kut teh, but upon receiving his order, he then tried to leave without paying. The man was quickly stopped by the cashier and a waiter who noticed that he was trying to get away.

All hell broke loose once he was confronted as the man started to raise his voice and strip. He took his shirt off as he threatened to fight the waiter. The anonymous man then raised a chair to throw at the waiter, and while doing that, he dramatically became a kung-fu master. A bad one though..

(source: SAYS)

The waiter could be seen avoiding the man’s moves by stepping back and insisting that the customer pay for the food. However bad the dude’s kung fu was, apparently, it worked. Because the man managed to walk away with the bak kut teh, while the waiter could be seen calling someone for help.

No matter how ‘gangsta’ you think you are, don’t be like this guy.

Check out the video below:

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